Bringing a little crime to New Hampshire (September 2018)

Bringing books to the readers. The Sept. 13 reading and book signing at the public library in Lincoln, NH was fun.

My crime fiction colleague Sue Coletta, author of nine books, brought along her Guess-the-Serial Killer game so the audience could participate. The winners were awarded "body parts" Gummy candy. How's that for staying with the event's serial-killer theme?

Stay tuned. More book signings coming up in October. If you haven't grabbed a copy of my serial-killer thriller Deadly Fare, or my new mafia thriller Blood Sons, it's time your fingers wandered over to Amazon. 

Both books are available in paperback and ebook. The links are posted below. And if you're local, as in within 50 miles of Nahant, Massachusetts, shoot me an email and I'll leave a signed copy for you on my doorstep.



If you click today, you get both ebooks for under $7. The paperbacks are $13.99 each on Amazon, but only $12 signed directly from me.