Deadly Fare



When beautiful young women begin to vanish from Boston Logan International Airport, State Police Lt. Hannah Summers is the only one who sees a pattern amidst the cold case files. She knows a killer is on the loose, and she’s determined to make her chauvinistic bosses believe her hunch about a gypsy cab driver--before it’s too late.

As the body count rises, so does the public’s panic. Under pressure from the district attorney to make the killings stop, Summers soon finds herself rubbing elbows with ex-Special Forces soldier Emmett Decker, a private investigator hired by the wealthy family of a missing local girl. The more their paths cross, the harder it is to deny they may be chasing the same monster -- and that the tension between them is more than purely professional.

One thing is certain: the Boston Butcher must be stopped before any more women climb inside his cab, and wind up paying the ultimate price.

See why reviewers are calling Deadly Fare a haunting, gripping, wild ride.

Slip inside the mind of a serial killer...
★★★★★ Five stars. “The sex scenes were exciting, the murders were freaky! This author is twisted. I loved every page.”
David Liscio has painted a chilling portrait of a serial killer that you won’t forget.

Two winners drawn in Deadly Fare's International Goodreads Giveaway (March 2017)

Michael Shulman and Catherine Wooster won autographed copies of Deadly Fare. They were among 929 readers who entered the drawing, which ended March 1. Their books were shipped today, along with a Guatemalan worry doll. Congratulations!

Two winners of Deadly Fare giveaway

Deadly Fare and Dennis Lehane's Live By Night are next to each other today on Amazon's bestseller list for crime noir (May 2017). 

Boston crime fiction rocks!


Read an excerpt from Deadly Fare during the Indie Author Day event at the Nahant (MA) Public Library. (October 2017)

Great feeling to meet readers and other authors and to sign copies of my book. 


Another five-star review for Deadly Fare bolsters the book's 4.7-star average on Amazon (August 2017)

From the review by Oregongirl: "As I read this suspenseful mystery, I seriously wondered how many potential or real serial killers I had run across in my life and how all can seem so normal one minute and so horrifying the next."

"The book is chillingly spellbinding to the last page." 

Deadly Fare currently has a 4.7 of 5 rating on Amazon and 4.4 on Goodreads. #DeadlyFare #Bostonserialkiller

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International Goodreads Giveaway of Deadly Fare begins today (July 5)

The giveaway runs for one week only. Two winners of the drawing will receive autographed copies of the Amazon bestselling serial killer thriller. 


Deadly Fare is focus of blogger Mary Ellen Quire's author interview posted today on Facebook (July 1, 2017)

The interview with me about the writing of Deadly Fare was part of Quire's monthly Discover New Authors feature and the pick for July.

Click here for Mary Ellen Quire's blog post Discover New Authors 7-1-17 selects Deadly Fare as its Pick of the Day (May 2017)

The online book vendor has chosen Deadly Fare as its Book of the Day. BookAdrenaline today, 5-19-17, shared the news on its website, FB page, Twitter, and by email to all of its members. Here are the links:


Deadly Fare makes its way onto three Top-100 Amazon Best-seller Lists (May 2017)


Deadly Fare in May 2017 made its way onto three Amazon Top-100 Best-sellers Lists -- Crime Noir, Serial Killer, and Organized Crime books. The Boston-based serial killer thriller reached No. 5 in Crime Noir, No. 8 in Serial Killers, and No. 14 in Organized Crime. 


Rock star review of Deadly Fare by Susan Hampson on Books From Dusk Till Dawn (April 2017)

Author Interview by Susan Hunter published on Crime Fiction Addict (April 2017)

Another big event. My Author Interview by Susan Hunter was posted on the popular Facebook group site Crime Fiction Addict. Very grateful for the exposure because that's where discerning readers of crime fiction can be found.


Deadly Fare is featured as a Goodreads international giveaway (February 2017) 

OK. Big event here today (February 16) -- the first ever international book giveaway!

My serial killer thriller Deadly Fare is featured as a Goodreads giveaway in the US and UK. More on that later. Meanwhile, please go over to Goodreads and enter the March 1 drawing for chance to win. Here's where to find the giveaway:

Author interview by Lucy V. Hay published on Criminally Good   (February 2017)

Criminally Good, an online site for crime fiction fans hosted by blogger/author/script editor Lucy V. Hay, did an interview with me as author of Deadly Fare. Here's the link to Criminally Good:

Author interview by crime fiction blogger Mercedes Fox (December 2016)

Check out my interview with U.S.-based crime fiction blogger Mercedes Fox. You can read the entire interview here:

Deadly Fare named to "Ten to Taste" new crime fiction novels by Crime Fiction Lover   (November 2016)

CrimeFiction Lover, a popular UK-based site for authors and readers of crime fiction, selected Deadly Fare as among its top-recommended novels, naming it to its Ten To Taste List. See the post here:

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