Japanese mobsters are a different breed

It always helps to have some real life experience when writing crime fiction. Thought I'd share some newspaper stories I wrote about the Japanese underworld -- aka Yakuza.

As a writer, I've always been fascinated by organized crime. So I jumped at the chance to go on a newspaper assignment in 1988 to the island of Saipan, where the Japanese mob was suspected of funneling heroin from Tokyo to San Francisco.

My series of articles was submitted by the editors for a Pulitzer Prize, and though we didn't win, my interest in the criminal underworld remained strong.

As of today, my serial-killer thriller Deadly Fare is on three Amazon bestseller lists, including Organized Crime. The book is a work of crime fiction and the Irish mobsters in Boston, Massachusetts play a key role in the story.

Here's a link: Amazon US……http://amzn.to/2iI5YHh