Earth Day doesn't make sense

We humans are truly whacked. One day each year we set aside a few moments to think about the plight of the earth. Wow. For an entire 24 hours we try not to pollute. Don't pour the motor oil down the storm drain. Don't toss that tractor battery into the trout stream. Don't let that McDonald's trash fly out the car window.

Let's look at this differently.

Why not annually celebrate Pollution Day?

Once a year, people who feel compelled to damage the planet can have free rein. They can pollute to their heart's content. Needlessly chop down healthy trees. Throw their recyclables into the garbage can. Set some rubber tires on fire. Soak the backyard gardens with Monsanto's poisons.

Sure, that sounds awful. But it would only be allowed on that one day, giving the earth 364 days to recover, because respecting our planet only on Earth Day just doesn't make sense.