Residents shudder when murder happens in a rich Massachusetts town

Authors of Wellesley murder book draw crowd in Falmouth

Former Boston Herald newspaper reporter Tom Farmer and ex-Massachusetts State Police homicide detective Marty Foley drew a crowd today (March 25) at the Falmouth Historical Society in Falmouth, MA, where they discussed their well-received book “A Murder in Wellesley.”

Here’s the scoop on the book: On Halloween morning in 1999, Mabel Greineder was savagely murdered along a wooded trail in the well-heeled community of Wellesley, Massachusetts. As the shock following the brutal killing slowly subsided, the community was further shaken when the focus of the investigation turned to her husband, Dirk Greineder, a prominent Ivy League physician and family man who was soon revealed to be leading a secret double life involving prostitutes, pornography, and trysts solicited through the Internet.

Farmer and Foley have enthralled audiences throughout the state since the book was published in 2012.

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Authors Marty Foley and Tom Farmer

Authors Marty Foley and Tom Farmer