Fifty photos posted in gallery for Deadly Fare. Take a look!

It’s common practice for Hollywood producers to release video trailers and still photographs before the opening of a new motion picture. Things work a bit differently for book authors.

When I released my serial killer thriller Deadly Fare in October it was accompanied by an attractive book cover, courtesy of my daughter’s artistic talents. Without an eye-catching cover, a book doesn’t get much attention as potential readers surf the net for new titles.

Shortly after the book’s release on Amazon in ebook and paperback, I started reminiscing about certain dramatic scenes from Deadly Fare, which includes settings in Boston, along the North Shore, in Ireland and Mexico. Good guys, bad guys, some characters a bit of both. There are cops, mobsters, journalists, and an ex-Special Forces soldier trying to find his way after returning home. The book’s fair-haired beauty cares more about bringing criminals to justice than combing her hair.

So, on January 1, I posted a photo of an altar boy, the first of what I promised would be a gallery of 100 images, each related in some way to Deadly Fare. (At least in my mind). Today is my halftime celebration. There are now 50 photos in a carousel viewer posted on my website. You can view them here.

I'll continue to post a new photo every day until the gallery contains 100. If you’ve already read Deadly Fare, have some fun by viewing the images. I’d be glad to hear from you anytime by email or through my website.